Welcome to Somdejcoin (SDC)
Somdejcoin (SDC) is a DeFi Token created from the blockchain as a digital coin to collect. So that Thai people and people around the world have access to the world's first digital coin Somdej. Based on the history of Thais and Asians with long-standing culture.
Contract :
  Warning, the world's first digital Somdejcoin will have the following Contract numbers only. If other than , it is considered a fraud. can check at www.somdejcoin.com
The world's first digital Somdejcoin.
Somdejcoin Somdejcoin has been produced in a limited quantity worldwide, only 66,186,727 token, equal to the population of people in Thailand in 2020. The creators want Thai people to have the opportunity to collect commemorative coins and have access to digital Somdejcoin coins. At least 1 token for each person as a souvenir that can be a world heritage site for future generations.
Somdejcoin Somdejcoin Developed with Blockchain from Binance Smart Chain (BSC)
What is Binance Smart Chain?
Explain Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is best known as a blog like working alongside Binance Chain Unlike Binance Chain is BSC includes functionality of the Smart Contract and compatibility with Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) goals. The design here is to let Binance Chain perform at the same speed while introducing smart contracts into the ecosystem.
How does Binance Smart Chain work?
Binance Smart Chain can generate a new block in approximately 3 seconds using a Proof-of-Stake consensus algorithm. In particular, it uses what is called the Proof Of staked Authority, (or Posa ) which participants will use the BNB put Staking to be checked for accuracy. If they can offer a valid blog They will receive a transaction fee on the transactions included in it.
Somdejcoin system features
Somdejcoin coin system will deduct Tax: 3% for every purchase through the system.
1. Charity will deduct Tax: 3% to uphold religion and help society
Additional services If you wish to donate with SDC coins to temples Thailand, you can contact the developer. The developer will facilitate and provide advice. To provide exchange services for coins into baht through various exchange systems for temples without additional charge.
Songsit Akrasiriphurin (Head Developer)
Somdejcoin (SDC), the world's first digital Somdejcoin
There will be only one Contract number.
Contract :
Can be viewed from www.somdejcoin.com Somdejcoin official website, if it's another number or another website that is a spoof
website :